Leave the Nomad Lifestyle behind at Azalea Village Resort Chiang Dao

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azalea resort Chiang Dao

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Get a break from the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Especially as a digital nomad. I can only talk about myself, but I work every day, there is no weekend or day off. This gets exhausting so the best thing to do is take a weekend off and go to the countryside.

Chiang Dao – the place to go if you need a break from being a Digital Nomad

I´ve been in Chiang Dao three times already, so I know the place quite well. It´s a small town with a huge mountain in front of it. The people are friendly, relaxed and chilled. Even travelers coming here get in a vacation mode very quickly so it´s easy to catch up with them.

Azalea Village Resort Chiang Dao

All three times in Chiang Dao I stayed at Azalea Village Resort, a calm place where you can enjoy doing nothing. Azalea Village isn´t cheap, but it´s worth the price. Love, Peace, and Happiness are waiting for you here.


Azalea Village Chiang Dao

Azalea Village Chiang Dao

Miss Monday at Azalea Village Resort Reception

Miss Monday at Azalea Village Resort Reception

My huge bungalow at Azalea Village

My huge bungalow at Azalea Village

Garden View at Azalea Village

Garden View at Azalea Village

The nice and huge pool with a view to the mountain

The nice and huge pool with a view to the mountain

The view from the lobby...

The view from the lobby…

They have a huge pool overlooking the mountain and a hot spring tub you can book for 500 Baht. They offer nice bungalows with aircon and ceiling fans, fridge, hot shower and free water and fruits. The breakfast is incredible. coffee, tea, fruits, salad (from their own organic garden), fried eggs, fried rice and much much more…

Not a break – even working more here than in Chiang Mai

It´s good to take a break from time to time although I have to say that I have been working more than I usually do in Chiang Mai. The place is so peaceful and laidback that it´s easy to grab your laptop and start doing some work. You are surrounded by nature and silence and I always get more inspired to get work done. Especially design and motion graphics…


How to get to Chiang Dao

You can either take a local bus at the Chang Phuak bus station in Chiang Mai, get a minivan (not recommended because some of the drivers just drive way to fast) or, what I did this time, take an Uber (around 1000 Baht).

The local bus will take around 2 hours same as the minivan. My Uber driver got me here in 1.5 hours with a coffee & cigarette break in the middle of the journey.

You can find Azalea Village Resort here:

I really recommend Azalea Village Resort Chiang Dao, it´s the place to go if you´re want to get away from the city and enjoy the nice scenery and nature. The wifi is fast enough to work as a digital nomad too…

Get a break all you digital nomads out there and visit Chiang Dao!

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