Digital Nomad Backpacks

Digital Nomad Backpacks – welcome to the digital nomad backpack section. Your backpack is the most precious thing when it comes to traveling. It should be lightweight, durable and secure. Well, mostly you have to choose between a lightweight backpack or a safe backpack. Depending on where you go you should decide for yourself.

A smart palette of digital nomad backpacks

We offer a smart palette of backpacks suitable for digital nomads. All those backpacks are carry-on size, so you don´t have to check in your luggage. This saves you money and time. You don´t have to check in your luggage, you don´t have to pick it up and you don´t have to pay for check-in luggage.

Traveling light as a Digital Nomad

If you wanna be a digital nomad it is essential to pack as light as possible. You´ll be on the road, flying from one destination to another, and trust us, you don´t wanna carry a huge backpack and an extra daypack with you all the time.

You have to think twice when it comes to packing. What do you really need, what are the items you don´t need or can buy abroad anyways. The carry-on backpacks force you to pack light and you will thank us and the backpack for that.

The first time I was abroad, I brought a huge 70L Gregory Backpack with lots of books (buy a Kindle), and all sorts off stuff I didn´t need at all. I tried to reduce as much as I could – see my Packing List for Digital Nomads and also my post about traveling light as a digital nomad. I put a lot of thought into my packing list. You can learn from my mistakes and start packing right from the start.

I used the Osprey Farpoint 40L for over 3 years now. It is a great backpack (Here is a post about it), but it´s quite heavy and some features are pretty unnecessary. I use the Arcido Faroe now, it´s as light as it gets, the backpack has only 900 grams and offers a huge compartment for clothes, shoes and toiletry and a separate compartment for your digital nomad gear. It´s also kind of waterproof which comes in handy in Asia or South America.

I just started using the Arcido Faroe, but I can already say it´s a great backpack for digital nomads.

Other backpacks for digital nomads

High priced backpacks for digital nomads
We don´t have high priced backpacks. Personally I thinks most of them are scam. Why would you pay 300 bucks for a backpack? There are lots of good, lightweight and well thought trough backpacks out there which are way less expensive and offer the same quality. When it comes to digital nomad gear, there are a lot of products out there just wanting your money. And you can spend that saved money for flight tickets or whatever. I you want to buy a expensive backpack go on, I think it´s unnecessary.

What makes a good backpack for digital nomads

A backpack for digital nomad has to be lightweight. Also it needs to be thought through. You need a lot of space in a carry-on sized backpack. Good to have some extra pockets for tech gear, passport, water bottles and so on. It has to be useful not expensive and here at you´ll find exactely what you need to get started as a digital nomad!