Top 10 digital nomad essentials & digital nomad equipment

So you decided to become a digital nomad? | The Digital Nomad Shop & Blog offers you a well sorted palette of digital nomad essentials and digital nomad equipment.

What equipment you´ll need as a digital nomad

In this Top 10 Digital Nomad Essentials & Digital Nomad Equipment List is showing, what you actually need to get started as a Digital Nomad. It´s a „how to be a digital nomad“ guidance list for digital nomad gear.

Digital Nomad Backpacks

Packing light is essential when it comes to be a digital nomad, so you´ll find lightweight and secure backpacks for ditial nomads in this Top 10 list. You can even find more suitable digital nomad backpacks in the backpack section.

We also put in packing-cubes. Those guys are handy when it comes to being organized while traveling. I personally use them like forever, they keep my stuff in order and I can find every item I need without a hassle. Try them out yourself, you probably like them!

Make your own Coffee abroad

We also put the Aeropress Coffee Machine in it, because everybody needs coffee. It´s super-lightweight, so it´s perfect for your carry-on digital nomad backpack!

Digital Nomad Shoes – our recommendation

Shoes are also very important while traveling. Our favorite is the ON Cloud so it´s on the list too. Give it a try, it´s one of the most lightweight and durable shoes out there – the best shoe for digital nomad in our opinion. One handy thing about the ON Cloud. If they start smelling, you just put them in a washing machine – caution: do not wash them too hot.

Life as a digital nomad

Life as a digital nomad is hard. Sometimes. You have to stay focused and work even lots of temptations are waiting for you outside. You´ll need a good smartphone. The best choice is a dual SIM smartphone. We recommend the Samsung Galaxy S8+ DUOS, so you can still run your „old“ SIM card and just put in another one from the country you currently stay in. Enjoy your life as a digital nomad even though it will be rough some times.

Drones for great video footage

One of the most recommended drones for digital nomads is the DJI Spark, which is lightweight, fast and has some awesome features. Although it might not be a digital nomad essential it´s still on that list because if you plan on starting a digital nomad youtube channel, there is nothing better than drone footage.

Analog as a digital nomad

You will still have to write things down, therefore the Moleskin notebook is perfect. Durable, light and small. Ideal for your pocket, when you write down new digital nomad ideas or meet new people.

Our Top 10 Digital Nomad Essential List

This Top 10 List with digital nomad essentials is constantly evolving. We try out new digital nomad gear all the time. We test and write about it. Only the best gear makes it in this list. It´ll change a lot, depending on what digital nomad gear is actually really useful.

What is you opinion?
Did we forget something? What is the most essential digital nomad gear for you? Shoot us a message, we are always curious and endeavored to make this Digital Nomad Shop as good as possible.