Bose soundlink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker


Bose Soundlink – the perfect Bluetooth Speaker

Voice prompts for easy Bluetooth pairing
Up to 10-hour battery life per charge
Built-in speakerphone Price: 119.90 (as of 07/04/2023 12:41 PST- Details)


Bose Soundlink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker

Bose has created on of the best Bluetooth Speakers out there with the limited Bose Soundlink Mini II Edition. 

This wireless Bluetooth Speaker is everything you want. It’s lightweight, portable, has a 10 hours battery life. The anodized aluminium body of the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker is modern and elegant!

Bose Soundlink, if you want a quality Bluetooth Speaker, you found it!

Not all wireless speakers are created equal. Bose has combined the power of custom-engineered drivers with the sleekness of anodized aluminum—to create a durable speaker that looks just as good as it sounds. The Bose SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II may look small, but it plays large. It delivers dramatically big sound and deep bass. The compact and portable size makes it easy to enjoy Bose sound at home, in the office or wherever you go.

There’s even a built-in speakerphone so you can take calls from friends and access your phone’s Siri or your Google Assistant. And it works with Amazon Echo Dot for hands-free voice control. Voice prompts make Bluetooth pairing simple. Up to 10 hours of listening per battery charge lets you keep your playlists playing.

The Bose SoundLink® Mini II comes with a charging cradle so it’s always ready to grab and go. Plus, an auxiliary input allows you to connect to other audio sources. Charges easily via Micro-B USB port. Specifications Big sound and deep lows Wireless Sleek yet durable design Up to 10-hour battery life per charge Voice prompts for easy Bluetooth® pairing Dot Built-in speakerphone Charging cradle Auxiliary input USB charging Assembled Country China Component Country Imported

Benefits of the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker:

Voice prompts for easy Bluetooth pairing
Up to 10-hour battery life per charge
Built-in speakerphone

I personally use the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker wherever I go. The lightweight design of the bluetooth speaker makes it easy for me to grab it and take it with me on my travels.

And I am always impressed by the great sound quality coming from such a small bluetooth speaker. But I’m not the only one impressed by it. If I gather with other people and turn on my Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker, the crowds are impressed. They ask me, where can I get this bluetooth speaker, how long does the battery hold and how much is it.

I get compliments about the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker all the time. Not that I need compliments, just saying. It is a fantastic product and having it over 1 year now, I don’t feel that the battery time decreased. 10 hours sound is what I get from this awesome bluetooth speaker.

It pair perfectly with my Macbook Pro, my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

This is a highly recommended bluetooth speaker, grab it now and enjoy the real Bose sound!


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