The Roost Laptop Stand – Remote Work made comfortable

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The Roost Laptop Stand

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The Roost Laptop Stand, another piece of my travel and work essentials for digital nomads

Remote work made comfortable… Since I’m writing about my travel essentials one item can’t be missed out – the roast stand. This one has literally saved my back and shoulder since I use it on a regular basis.

I’m way more relaxed and need way fewer massages. It’s the ideal tool for remote work and will save you a lot of pain on your journey as a digital nomad.

A folding laptop stand – engineering & design made in the US

It is just a great engineered little thing, which is lightweight and fits in almost every pocket. I’ve tried a couple other laptop stands like the ghost stand and one very cheap china product, but the ghosts and isn’t portable at all, and the China thing was ok but had only one height.

The Roost Laptop Stand is foldable, easy to use, durable and super lightweight!

By the way, I found a copy of the Roast Laptop Stand for 30$ on eBay, but since it is designed and engineered in the US, I rather pay more for a good product than getting a cheap copy from China.

Cheap copies don’t help those guys at Roost who invented this great folding laptop stand. You can change the height and it also folds into a very small peace you can put into your carry-on backpack .

(See the Osprey Farpoint 40 a Nomadic Backpacks for Digital Nomads and remote work)

The Roost Stand unfoldedThe Roost Stand unfolded

It is an essential tool for remote work and Digital Nomads. Even if you´re not a nomad, you can use it a home or in your office, in a coffee shop or a coworking space.

It is relatively pricey, but you do your musculoskeletal system a big favor using it!

Of course you have to use an external Keyboard and Mouse to use the Roost Laptop Stand, otherwise, it would be just ridiculous to use it.


Some features of the Roost Laptop Stand:

  • Height adjustable from 6 to 12“
  • Portable, lightweight (5.8oz) and easy to use
  • Comes with a nylon carrying sleeve
  • Fits almost any Laptop – not even Apple Products
  • Made in the USA
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for remote work or Digital Nomads

It is also the perfect gift for any remote worker, and it will help them with health issues… give it a try!

Get the Roost Laptop Stand here!


Remote work made comfortable – get rid of neck and shoulder pain right away…

Try the Roost Laptop Stand and you will immediately see the difference. Your neck and shoulder pain will disappear. Your posture will improve the longer you use it.

Staying healthy is one of the greatest concerns of the digital nomad lifestyle and every remote worker.

When you travel you wanna travel light check out my article about Packing light as a Digital Nomad.

The Roost Stand folded The Roost Stand folded


The Roost Laptop Stand – the one and only laptop stand for remote work and digital nomads

For me, who tried a few laptop stands, the Roost Laptop Stand really stands out. It’s the number one, with all the others far behind. Lightweight, easy to use, solid and simply beautiful (here’s the nerd in me speaking).

The ideal Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers!

Buy it, use it, love it! The Roost Laptop Stand for remote work!

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