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The best sneakers for Digital Nomads

I love my ON Clouds. I have to say that I´ve never been a shoe guy but as I discovered ON, I turned into a huge fan. As they say, you walk on clouds and that is very convenient especially being a Digital Nomad.

You´ll need good shoes. Durable shoes. Shoes that fit and feel comfortable. The On Cloud does all that. They are super-lightweight and you can wash them in a machine too. They breathe, so they don´t get too stinky.

I just love them and ever since I put them on, I have never put on a different brand – I know I´m stubborn (haha). It´s kind of difficult for me to write about the ON´s because once everybody knows, nobody is gonna buy Nike or Adidas or another brand anymore.

The #1 Digital Nomad Shoes at 1

The minority now, it´ll change

So, now I´m the minority and I like it that way. On the other hand, I try to help Digital Nomads and travelers find the right gear. And the ON Cloud is one of my favorite travel assets.

The ON Cloud is perfect for a lot of occasions. Walking, running, light trekking (Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep is no problem), working out or just traveling.

6 pairs of shoes – are you crazy man?

I own 6 pairs now. I know that´s not Digital Nomad Minimalism Style but I just don´t care. I want them in stock just in case. I just love them and I´ve never felt that way for shoes. I guess the company could hire me as a salesman because I´m 100% behind their great shoes. Friends told me I could sell them just because I´m so into them.

Always troubled with new shoes – not anymore

I used to get bladders all over my feet when trying new shoes. Not anymore. The ON Cloud fits perfect. No rubbing, no pinching, no pain while wearing the ON´s. Another good reason for them to be the #1 Digital Nomad Shoes out there.

The ON Shoe company offers all sorts of shoes. I also have a pair for trail-running, and those are amazing too. They have a big palette of shoes for running, marathon, and workout.

I used to think, my feet just aren´t right somehow. Now I know that wasn´t my feets fault. It was the shoe company´s not providing the right shoes. With the #1 Digital Nomad Shoes, the On Cloud I´m finally satisfied.

The price of the #1 Digital Nomad Shoes

Each valuable item has its price. So does the ON Cloud. It costs around 150€ depending on the color/style. I think it´s totally worth it. They are long-lasting and durable. I bought the first pair in 2014 and I still wear them…

The #1 Digital Nomad Shoes at 2

Buy the #1 Digital Nomad Shoes right now

You should definitely check them out. Buy them here through Amazon (my preferred option), or by them at the ON Webshop. You can try them out and if they don´t fit you, just send them back – although I doubt that!

Give your feet a new home, with the #1 Digital Nomad Shoe – the ON Cloud!

Of course, this is just my personal opinion, you might think totally different. But first of all, I like to support small company´s, and the ON Company is a small company based in Switzerland. Second, it´s always good to try something new, step out of the box, be different. And third, just buy them, support me and my project – why not?

I hope you´ll feel the same way about the ON Cloud. For me, they are the perfect shoes for Digital Nomads, Travelers, Runners and for everyday life.

Any suggestions are welcome, just write in the comments below.

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