Digital Nomad Essentials

Welcome to the Digital Nomad Essentials on Here you´ll find every essential item you need to start your journey as a digital nomad. Coffee machines, backpacks, books, cables and adapters and much more. To make your life as a digital nomad as easy as possible we came up with this section. Ideal if you wanna start being an digital nomad. You´ll have to pack light and smart. You don´t wanna bring a huge backpack only a digital nomad carry-on. You don´t wanna bring items you don´t need (See my blog post about packing light as a digital nomad).

You always have to think twice. Do I really need this item or not? If you love coffee and want to make it at home, we suggest you to use the Aeropress Coffee Maker with the metal filter. Easy to set up, small, lightweight and durable. I´ve been using it for 4 years now without any problems.

You´ll need good shoes, which are lightweight and comfortable. 

You´ll need a notebook (I prefer Moleskin), even nowadays in those digital times you´ll write down something eventually.

Digital Nomad Essentials gives you a an overview of what you need to buy and bring with you on your journey. Depending on what you work, you set your nomad gear up the way you want to.

Pack light as a Digital Nomad!

But remember, as a Digital Nomad you have to pack light, as light as even possible. Accept the challenge, pack as less as possible and only bring on carry-on backpack with you.

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We try and test the products we sell

We put a lot of effort in testing and searching for the best digital nomad equipment out there. Easy for you now. Instead of looking for backpacks on Amazon, you already find the most useful backpacks for digital nomads here on Same applies to any other digital nomad gear. If you are looking for something specific which isn´t on our page, let us know and we search for the best product, test it an put it on nomadgear. is supposed to help people with all their digital nomad needs so we would appreciate any comments or thoughts.