One is the most popular topics among business-minded entrepreneurs these days is that of being location Independent. Or perhaps the more common term “Digital Nomad” comes to mind when we talk about the new generation of people who travel the world with no particular destination to call home. All working online deriving income from the variety of jobs that have been created over the last two decades. The amount of online options for employment these days is staggering compared to how it was just a few years ago. This particular lifestyle is one of the most sought-after as it lets the person create whatever lifestyle they are ultimately seeking having little to no sacrifice along the way.

Compared to Lifestyles that are more typical of Western people,  the Digital Nomad prefers to not spend money on materials that will ultimately slow them down. But rather to invest in the experience. Each individual will have their own unique time while trying this lifestyle, however, there are some universalities between all of the digital nomads.

Why Digital Nomading?

Nothing tying you down is the most obvious example of a benefit that is derived from this lifestyle. Being that travel itself is Central to the Concept. This is is not a new idea as there have been people working on farms and such as a way to pay for extended periods of travel. For example in Australia, picking exotic fruit when it is in season and mushroom picking on the West coast of North America has been popular for a long time. This kind of nomadic lifestyle is limited to the work that they do and the regional location that they have to do it in. Having common problems such as finding transportation to work or maintaining a permanent living space has always been a struggle. Until recently for most people, this was the sacrifice you had to make in order to make this lifestyle possible.

Enter the digital nomad, having all the strengths and almost none of the weaknesses of their predecessors this type of nomad is able to reap all the benefits of living abroad. If you are able to work from your laptop you’re already halfway there. Keep in mind it’s not all laying in hammocks at the beach while enjoying cocktails. There is a lot of hard work to be done first. If you’re not currently into online work, then breaking the ice can be a challenge. Finding something that will ultimately lead to advancements in the field can take some time. It is highly recommended that you find someone who is currently in this lifestyle and take some pointers as far as where to find education relating to work that can be done online.

Avoid The Digital Pitfalls

One of the biggest obstacles to starting out as a digital Nomad is the base understanding that you’re not totally abandoning reality. More like you’re experiencing a totally different way of life that has many new possibilities. Be sure to keep a level head and understand that you are still going to be on a budget until you get jobs lockdown. You will find that online job security is not nearly the same as it is in your home country when you work a typical job.  Be sure to check out many other sources of information aside from what people are writing about in the most popular online blogs. If you are deciding on which city you are to travel to you will find that often the most popular hotspots that other digital Nomads are posting photos of and recommending are going to be on the higher end of expense. You have to understand that most people that attempt to live as a digital Nomad are often heading home in 3 to 4 months with their bank accounts exhausted. In an almost Hollywood ask mentality people are arriving in cities with no understanding that a little bit of effort before hand is going to save you a lot of time and money and therefore extend your initial experience.

Another hidden downside to the digital Nomad lifestyle is how there is not a large enough database to compare methods and tactics used to attain this lifestyle. There are many who market things such as their personal life coaching products specifically to digital nomads. These commercial results are found everywhere and can be hard to distinguish from actual advice. With such a new lifestyle option it is easy to make it appear as if there is one particular method of becoming a Digital Nomad. Marketing specifically to business-minded digital Nomads also takes the form of multi-level marketing and various forms of self-help affiliate schemes. The promise is always the same a dramatic increase in business success as well as substantial personal development. Just like any other offer along these lines you always need to do your research first. It is a very exciting lifestyle option that is not clear how to begin. Understandably, people may not be on the lookout for such things which may lead them down paths to promising that ultimately cost them time and money.

The comparison in this example is not too Hollywood but rather the gold rush in the 1800’s we’re in most people who made money from the exodus are those who made money directly from the people who came to seek their own fortune. Just be careful not to get swayed into investing or purchasing some system of how to be a digital nomad. It is recommended that you establish relationships with other digital nomads preferably within the niche that you are interested in. Intern the free exchange of information is going to be a much more valuable commodity in the future then the return you’re going to get from attending various conferences and expensive workshops. In most cases, it is the connections you make and the relationships you develop at these conferences and workshops that ultimately lead to better success in business.

Employment Options for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

There are several jobs that can be had online such as being a freelance writer or a graphic designer or a virtual assistant. You will find that there are many such Jobs waiting for people with a little bit of enthusiasm and who speak the native language of the employer. You can also make money through blogging and through legit affiliate marketing. These are just some of the most common jobs that digital nomads find and can have great potential for growth in the future. Be sure to check out digital nomad friendly companies and look at all the various online sources for finding online work. This will help you get connections and start establishing yourself within the niche that you choose.

Not all online jobs are the same. When you find a job online it’s very exciting as you might already have found a way to sustain yourself living in a foreign country. This might be the case, however, most times if it’s at your first job it’s going to require that you work a typical 8 hour day.  Not a lot of entry jobs for online work pay more than $1,000 per month. That can be a real challenge if you are living in a country with a higher cost of living. Choosing a path to take when having an online career you need to look at the longer-term.  With the cost of living going up globally it will pay to select an occupation that you can in some way scale or at least be able to outsource to some degree. Having a continued education in the field you choose doesn’t have to be aggressive however staying in tune with developments concerning your online endeavors is a must. The current landscape for many occupations online can change in the blink of an eye and can happen several times a year. So don’t get left behind and make sure you maintain a level of awareness about the changes in your online niche.

Once you have found an occupation online and you have a monthly income that is manageable to secure a comfortable lifestyle. You’ll find that having the freedom to work from wherever or whenever you wish is almost the best reason for choosing this kind of Lifestyle. Most people don’t have the choice. They have to go to a 9-5 occupation at a particular workplace 5 days a week and cannot make nearly half the choices that you can in a day. With this Freedom, you will find that opportunities for travel and activities are plentiful.

Just having the sheer amount of time that your western counterparts do not will make you see that the opportunity for new experiences is wide open. Being able to set your own hours and where you work from can have a profound impact on the people that you meet and how you explore the culture that you’re in. For example, if you are working from a cafe there will be all sorts of different people from around the world. New opportunities for future travel are found in simple locations just like this. Meeting others who are growing and challenging themselves by moving around the world will also give you another angle to view your potential future. Given the chance to grow personally and grow your business you can find there are many layers to the benefits of this lifestyle.

Be prepared Mentally  

If you consider yourself a strong person mentally you’re going to be tested when you’re constantly traveling all the time. Tasks such as beating jet lag is a physical and mental drain that affects travelers of all sorts. Being a self-reliant solo traveler you are responsible for maintaining you’re calm when you encounter difficulties or an obstacle. Problems in times of high stress and in situations where communication or cultural differences are at play, all that matters is how you face them. To overcome these challenges as a digital Nomad you’re going to need to adopt a correct way of feeling good in a developed routine way of traveling.  

Getting thrown out of your comfort zone and having your emotional and physical systems taxed sometimes to a near critical point is all part of the game. Being able to live in the present moment is an interesting practice that is easy and common amongst a lot of Travelers. You don’t need to have a structured meditation system or a practice of mindfulness that has taken years to perfect. Being able to identify physical indicators before they become bigger problems and having the mental tools to deal with them is a great way to prevent undue stress on your system.

Be prepared money

if you have decided to become a digital nomad then you’re going to have to make sure you have more than just skills to be a success at it. Of course you’re going to have to have money, obviously, everything from plane tickets to your accommodation is going to have to be paid for and sometimes in advance. Saving enough money is critical however not as critical as getting the most value for your money. As stated earlier doing your research ahead of time is going to be much more cost-effective than listening to what is the most popular opinion on where to stay and where to eat etc. Gathering information beforehand is going to be the biggest money saver where prolonged travel on a budget is concerned.

Be prepared technology

As a Digital Nomad, your lifeline is going to be the technology that you bring with you. Make sure that every piece of equipment is in full working order and will not be needing any kind of servicing or repairs for an extended period of time. Problems can arise with your computer and other pieces of technology which can bring your money-making to a halt. So it is important to remember how easy or hard it will be to fix these items along the way. A clear example of this is the difference between Mac and PC  computer systems. It can be extremely difficult when traveling to find computer shops that are reputable which can work on Mac systems. The converse is that a PC will be much much easier to repair along the way due to the sheer volume of computer shops and availability of compatible technology around the world.

Be prepared gear

One of the best parts of being a digital Nomad or being location independent in general is the ability to take off at a moment’s notice for a variety of adventures. This drives the need to have a certain quality of gear with you before you take off on your travels. Being able to store and secure your important gear such as your cameras, computers etc before taking part in the gambit of activities is a must.  When doing the research to find out what is best suited for you, take a look at the products specifically tailored to the kind of lifestyle you are embarking on. The most important part gear for the digital Nomad is the backpack. This is Central to the whole concept of being nomadic and the choice of backpack should be made with great care. As long as you take into consideration things such as the weather, the various impacts due to travel and the possibility of thievery you should be fine when it comes to selecting your gear.

Is this for you?

Choosing this lifestyle is a very individual decision and before embarking on it, each person has to weigh the pros and cons. The experience itself can be worth it given what you take away from the travel alone. If you’re able to maintain this lifestyle and become a success in business then ultimately you’re going to be living the dream. This is a lot easier to come to terms with your head then to explain to your parents that your friends back home. If you’re good at working online and living within your means that you’ll be able to reap the rewards of living where ever you want. This while enjoying a much higher quality of life than your counterparts back home. This might come as a bit of a shock to most people living in traditional Western lifestyle as a year of hard work and toil typically yields a two-week vacation. The idea that you can live near the beach in the tropics and make enough money for it to be permanent is an alien idea at best for most people but it totally possible if you plan accordingly..